Pre-op Physical and Seed Location Before Lumpectomy for Stage 1 Breast Cancer

The most embarrassing thing about the physical was the ekg.  I couldn’t wear my bra as it had an underwire which would mess up the waves.  I also lied to her and said I didn’t have any lotion on my legs and arms.  The ekg was fine so much for their requirements.  No one told me not to use lotion which makes me think it wasn’t so critical.

My doctor was nice to me.  She said a few kind words about “getting through this”.  There wasn’t a rectal exam thank the gods.  I really didn’t see the purpose of that.  It was listed on the sheet the doctor was suppose to fill out so maybe it was optional.

Friday morning I got an epidural (steroids) shot in my back for my spinal arthritis.  Immediately after that down the street I had the radioactive seed location done at the Bryn Mawr breast center.  As always everyone I came in contact with asked me my name and date of birth.  They gave me a paper bracelet with that information.  I’m tired of answering that question but something tells me I’m going to answer it a lot more.  I think every once in a while I will tell them that I refuse to answer that question because I’m sick and tired of hearing the question.  Tomorrow is my lumpectomy so I expect to be asked fifty million more times.

The seed location involved about five mammograms of my left breast to get the radioactive seed in the right spot.  That spot is in the tumor right next to the clip that was put there during the needle biopsy.  The literature I was given said not to hold a baby for more than 30 minutes at a time or something scary like that.

So its the evening before the lumpectomy.  I showered with the Hibiclens which seems to have dried out my skin.  I’m used to washing with Oil of Olay with shea butter.  I had diarrhea again this morning which definitely is from nerves about tomorrow.  I guess that is normal.

Well that is enough for tonight.  Getting up about 7:15am to shower again with the hibiclens.  No breakfast for me.  The nurse that called me the other day said I could take some of my meds but I think I’m going to just skip it.  I don’t like to take meds on an empty stomach.

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Hopefully Only A Blip In My Adventures As A Budding Potter

The first three paragraphs below are taken from my facebook page  I will continue in this way here on out in future posts.

Well, my life has been pretty full doing pottery but I now must start making room for yet another adventure, stage 1 breast cancer.  I had a mammogram back on March 12th which showed an irregularity a suspicious area on the right side of my left breast.

That meant another mammogram and an ultrasound.  The breast surgeon showed me the area on my two images and I could see it was definitely an irregular area that stood out from the other areas of my breast that had smooth lines.

The next step was to do a ultrasound guided biopsy.  It was a little painful but not horrible.  As the doctor, Dr. Stassi, explained he was taking about 12 pencil shavings from the lump.  He numbed the area, of course, but there was still the pressure of him pushing on my breast.  One thing that was nice was that they had warmed up the ultrasound gel before putting it on me.  I have had ultrasounds where they haven’t.  It isn’t very courteous of them when they do that.  The vacuum pump was a big machine in the corner and as Dr. Stassi put it “It makes a sound like an automotive” and it did.  Dr. Stassi had done a previous needle biopsy which turned out to be an enlarged milk duct.

The next afternoon I called the doctor and got the bad news.  If there wasn’t any cancer in the lymph nodes under my left arm (taken during the lumpectomy, I would afterwards just need a treatment of radiation.

I will let you know how this afternoon goes at the breast surgeon, Dr. Carter.  He seems to be a nice man and wasn’t cold when he gave me the news over the phone.  He seemed positive about my prognosis after looking at my ultrasound and said during the telephone conversation it wasn’t what he had expected.

We will yet see how this derails my pottery.  Centering a lump of clay on the potter’s wheel takes some strength and I am worried I will be kept away for too long and miss too many classes.  I see myself as a budding artist and wish to carry on normally as much as possible.

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