Gas Glaze Workshop at the Wallingford Community Art Center

The ceramic glaze class was great.  Why you ask? Because Nadia W. Bond imparted her tricks and tips after years of experience with the medium….  How long to wait till it is safe to put on a second coat of glaze; how to wax a pottery jar that has a lid; how close to the bottom do you put on the second coat of glaze;

She came with worksheets and years of experience.
She came with worksheets and years of experience

I didn’t have any bisqued pieces that could be put in the gas kiln.  I am working with number 112 clay which has grains of manganese in it so it can’t be used in a gas kiln.  The manganese will explode out of the clay.  Destroying everything around it  Nadia gave me two small pots with lids pre-waxed.  Of course she did a great job waxing them.  I’ve never made a jar with a lid before so I was rather clueless.

The first glaze I chose, Jade Green, is toxic if used by itself.  But I used a second glaze on top of it so it wasn’t toxic anymore.  The two glazes interact negating the toxicity.  On top of the Jade Green I put Rudy’s Opalescent.  This like the other double glaze combination on the other lidded jar will turn purple.  Another one of her tricks she imparted was to, as I said earlier, was to wait a day between coats of glaze so they don’t bubble.  However, when you don’t have time, you can put the piece in the microwave to dry.

When applying the Rudy’s Opalescent on the lid she got a slip application bottle.  The glaze needs to be thick when using an application bottle. So she took the bottle, covered the top with her thumb and stuck her hand down to the bottom of the unstirred bucket of Rudy’s Opalescent.  Then as predicted when applying the glaze it didn’t run at all.  I made a squiggly design around the top.

The second lidded pot was first coated with Leach White then Emily’s Purple.  When applying Emily’s Purple to the lid she suggested just dipping the top just slightly in order to prevent a runny situation. Before applying Emily’s Purple to the bottom, she suggested applying an additional inch of wax on top the Leach White along the bottom of the jar.

Well now we wait until the magic of the gas kiln takes place.