Black Engobe on Two Small Mugs. Electric Potter’s Wheel and Kiln

Gas kiln class with Nadia 002 Gas kiln class with Nadia 003

These will soon be found at my Etsy shop:

Tried two different patterns on the two small coffee/tea cups.  My teacher, Carol Seymour, seemed to think my handles are too big as always.

Damp Boxthis is what I started with.  They dried over night in the damp box till they were leather hard.  Then I trimmed them (taking some clay off the bottom and sides.  Then I carved a foot on the bottom). I put the black engobe on them with a large brush.  The black will turn a deep blue with our house opalescent glaze except where I carved the engobe away.

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I have been doing pottery off and on since 1998. It is exciting to see my progress. I took classes 1998-1999. Then in 2003-2004 I had an online jewelry business. Now I am starting again with what makes me the happiest: clay, pottery and ceramics

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