Two Mugs To Be Just Thrown. Will Trim Tomorrow

Mugs to be. Just starting out
Mugs to be. Just starting out

Damp Box

Had a not so productive day at the studio.  I wanted these to match the 6 cup set I had thrown the other day but they had other plans.  The first one was too small in the foot but was okay with the width.  I am aiming for a 4″ mouth which is supposed to shrink down to 3.5″.  If that doesn’t happen bigger is better than too small.  The future owners won’t like to have even smaller cups that had been picked out by them.

The second one I trimmed too much and it became lopsided.  I took too much from the foot weakening the cup walls.  When it came time to get the bat off the wheel head, one of the screws became stuck in the bat.  I banged on the bat to loosen the screw when it became lopsided collapsing.  My teacher was there to guide me through the process of saving the cup.  It was a three step process which was nerve-wracking but I was successful.  The wall ended up a lot thinner so I wasn’t able to get a 4″ flared mouth.

It will soon be at my etsy shop:

Tomorrow will discuss trimming and my class making Beer Steins.  Sunday I have a gas fired pottery class which I will post about Sunday evening.  Melissa Dawn Wickham  mdwpottery

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I have been doing pottery off and on since 1998. It is exciting to see my progress. I took classes 1998-1999. Then in 2003-2004 I had an online jewelry business. Now I am starting again with what makes me the happiest: clay, pottery and ceramics

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